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Philosophy at Keele University saved after protests

image captionKeele Hall houses Keele's philosophy department
Keele University in north Staffordshire has reversed its plans to drop philosophy studies following protests across the country.
The university's Senate also decided that the Professional Ethics at Keele (Peak) programme would continue.
It had been claimed that scrapping the programmes would have saved £300,000.
Philosophers at Cambridge, Oxford and University College London as well as Keele had opposed the move.
Speaking on BBC Radio Stoke, Dr James Tartaglia of the Keele Philosophy Programme, said it was a "fantastic result".
In a statement, the university said that it was still looking to make savings of £1.3m in this latest phase of cuts, and was now looking at alternative proposals.
When the proposals first came to light in mid-March a vigorous protest campaign, centred on a Facebook group, was immediately started.
A demonstration before the Senate meeting on Wednesday 23 March attracted almost 200 protesters.
Philosophy has been a feature at Keele since the university's foundation in 1949 by AD Lindsay, a philosopher himself.
A number of distinguished philosophers have worked at Keele, including Richard Swinburne, Anthony Flew, Jonathan Dancy, Andre Gallois, Alan Montefiore, Philip Stratton-Lake and David McNaughton.

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