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Brother-in-law jailed after body found in Stafford

A man has been given a six-year jail sentence for killing his brother-in-law at the victim's home, the Crown Prosecution Service said.

Steven Williams, 25, had previously admitted manslaughter after the body of Michael Smith, 33, was found in a property on Mapledene Close, Stafford.

Williams was living at Mr Smith's house when there was a violent struggle on 9 February 2010, the CPS said.

The six years imposed at Stafford Crown Court are minus 342 days on remand.

Paul Farrow, Crown Advocate for CPS Staffordshire, said after the hearing that it was apparent that the pair "did not enjoy a good relationship".

He said: "There is evidence that they have fallen out in the past. The incident on the 9th February 2010 was one such instance, but this time with tragic consequences.

"During the course of a violent struggle between these two men, with each one armed with a kitchen knife, Michael Smith was killed.

"The fatal injury was not to a part of the body where any intention to kill or cause grievous bodily harm could necessarily be inferred."

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