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Staffordshire farmer overcome while mixing chemicals

A man was overcome by gas on his farm while mixing chemicals in a bucket in his milking parlour.

Firefighters said the man had used the chemicals before but in a steel bucket. He used larger quantities this time in a plastic vessel.

There was a chemical reaction resulting in the bucket melting and chlorine gas being produced. The man went to hospital with breathing difficulties.

Crews were called to Jardines Lane in Stubwood, Staffordshire, on Thursday.

'Evacuated parlour'

Firefighters wearing gas-tight suits retrieved chemical drums from inside the parlour to identify what chemicals had been mixed, a spokesman for Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service said.

"The man had been mixing chemicals to carry out work on the farm," the spokesman said.

"There was a chemical reaction which resulted in the bucket melting and chlorine gas being produced.

"The man was overcome by the gas and so he evacuated the parlour and alerted the emergency services."

A specialist company was brought in to dispose of the chemicals safely.

The man was taken to Queens Hospital, Burton-upon-Trent.

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