Stoke & Staffordshire

Controlled explosion for shell kept in garden

A controlled explosion has been carried out on an unexploded shell which had been kept in a Stoke-on-Trent garden for more than a year.

It is thought the explosive device was brought back from a diving trip off the Pembrokeshire Coast and then kept in a garden in Caverswall.

Insp Neil Sherratt, from Staffordshire Police, said it was about the size of a milk bottle.

He said the householder showed it to a friend before contacting police.

He said: "It is described as being a similar shape to a milk bottle and about the same size.

"Although there were no actual markings on it, it was very heavily corroded so it would appear to have been on the seabed for some time.

"I think he was showing it to a friend of his and they were discussing between them what it might be and I think they started to get a little but nervous if it was a live round... would it become unstable or would it explode."

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