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Stoke City FC 'could have park and ride'

A park-and-ride service could be an option in tackling parking problems near Stoke City Football Club, a councillor has said.

Roy Naylor, who was in Heron Cross on Monday, said parking was "quite bad" during the first home Premier League game of the season.

Talks have been held involving the city council, the club, police and others, Mr Naylor said.

He said he hoped things would improve by the end of the season.

The Blurton councillor said many side roads on Monday were "heavily congested on both sides", there was "quite bad parking on corners" and entrances were blocked.

'Heavily congested'

Mr Naylor said: "On one particular road.. [there was] total disrespect for the yellow lines that are there."

He added: "We are looking at... not wanting to put more traffic on to Stanley Matthews Way and the surrounding area, but more out, maybe in Stoke.

"Some of the council's parking we could be using, that is an option to us maybe and then bussing people in more.

"I think the thing behind that is we've got to make it fair to the people who want to get there and not make excessive charges for them to park or to get the bus in to the ground."

Mr Naylor, who praised the involvement of the club, said a group would go to Derby County to look at the situation there as it was "a very similar set up around the ground".

Stoke beat Aston Villa 2-1 in Monday evening's game.

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