Coronavirus: Sheffield volunteer retired medics start contact tracing

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The government is testing a coronavirus tracing app for smartphones

A group of retired health workers have set up a contact tracing scheme for people with coronavirus.

Volunteers in Sheffield are being recruited and will be supervised by doctors and public health officials.

People with symptoms can call for health advice and the group will ring anyone they have come into contact with and suggest they self-isolate.

"The government has finally come round over the last few days to talking about it," retired doctor Bing Jones said.

"They're talking about finding and training thousands and thousands of people and many specialists seem to think that the numbers they're are talking about are not really enough.

"We're trying to work out whether it's feasible and practical for volunteers to do it."

Dr Jones said if the project worked it could be "scalable" to other parts of the country.

Last week, the government said it was testing a coronavirus contact-tracing app for smartphones at RAF Leeming in North Yorkshire.