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Magna exhibition brings back seaside memories

Holidaymakers in the sea Image copyright Steve Lankester
Image caption Steve Lankester said: "1976 what a scorcher! The photo shows my Dad, Brother and me enjoying the cool North Sea."

An exhibition celebrating the salty tang of the six-week school summer holiday has seen the seaside recreated in a former steel mill.

Pete McKee, an artist from Sheffield, has created 6 Weeks To Eternity to evoke childhood memories of being on holiday.

The show is on display at Rotherham's Magna Science Adventure Centre until Sunday.

It features McKee's paintings and snaps and artefacts from contributors.

"The highlight of my holiday was getting a couple of quid off me mum and me dad at Cleethorpes and going into the arcades", he said.

For the exhibition, he has added deckchairs, 1970s car and a caravan.

Image copyright Nicola Siddall
Image caption Nicola Siddall said: "Here's our version of The Von Trapp family dressed in curtains! This would have been taken about 1969 in Ingoldmells"

Nicola Siddall said "Part of the six weeks holiday were spent on the east coast with aunties, uncles and cousins all going away for the same week and hiring caravans.

"Here's our version of The Von Trapp family dressed in curtains!"

Image copyright Rob Naylor
Image caption Rob Naylor said: "Mothers, aunties and kids on a Canklow Working Men's Club Trip to Skegness, circa 1958."

Rob Naylor said: "Club trips were wonderful fun, they stopped the coaches at a cafe halfway there and handed each kid a fizzy orange and crisps (to give you something to be travel sick with on the last bit of the journey? Always worked for me!)

"When you arrived they gave each of us five bob to spend. In later years this rose to 10 bob, but it still didn't last long in the penny arcades."

Image copyright Catherine Cameron
Image caption Catherine Cameron said: "This was taken in 1995 in Chapel St Leonards near Skegness. I was about 6 years old."
Image copyright Kerry Wood
Image caption Kerry Wood said: "Early 80s, my sister and me with our best friends also sisters, hanging out in their dad's Ford Cortina outside their nan and grandad's."
Image copyright Nicola Siddall
Image caption "Having a park close to home meant that we could pack a picnic and just go out for the day if it was nice weather," Nicola Siddall said

Ms Siddall also has fond memories of going to the park during the holidays.

"We'd usually go with the neighbours and make a day of it. This would have been my first taste of the six weeks holiday as I'd only just started school in 1976 when this was taken", she added.

Image caption Artist Pete McKee loved the arcades of Cleethorpes when he went as a child

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