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The Drew Review of South Yorkshire Police: In Numbers

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Image caption Professor John Drew's review of South Yorkshire Police said the force had 'missed opportunities' to explore the prevalence of child sexual exploitation

A review of South Yorkshire Police's handling of child sexual exploitation (CSE) in the region has criticised the force for its inadequate response.

The report, by Professor John Drew, said the force missed opportunities to address the issue and senior officers prioritised other crimes.

The 107-page review was commissioned by the region's Police and Crime Commissioner, Dr Alan Billings.

Here, the BBC picks out some of the key figures behind the report.

The Drew Review

Published 23 March, 2016


Approximate cost of Professor John Drew's 107-page review into South Yorkshire Police


Number of people interviewed, including 72 current and former police officers and staff and 26 victims and survivors


The Drew Review was commissioned by Dr Billings in 2015.

Prof Drew said the "tight" budget meant the report cost "considerably less" than Professor Alexis Jay's report into Child Sexual Exploitation in Rotherham and Louise Casey's inspection of Rotherham Borough Council, but he had been able to draw extensively on both reports.

He said: "While a review of this sort is not a luxury that can be avoided, it is nevertheless an event where costs need to be carefully balanced against other priorities."

Combined, the Jay and Casey reports interviewed more than 300 people in relation to CSE in Rotherham alone.

The Drew Review

Published 23 March, 2016


Number of referrals identified as potential child sexual exploitation since 2013


Number of recorded offences identified as potential child sexual exploitation since 2013


Prof Drew said referrals had more than doubled since 2013, from 437 to 911, "most likely because of the success of awareness building".

The number of offences identified include 194 of rape and attempted rape, 151 of causing or inciting sexual activity and 135 of sexual activity with a child.

The conversion of referrals into identified offences illustrates the scale of the challenge facing South Yorkshire Police and its partners in combating child sexual exploitation.

The Drew Review

Published 23 March, 2016


Recommendations made in Prof Drew's review, including;

  • - Create a new Action Plan for dealing with child sexual exploitation;

  • - Review intelligence gathering arrangements to ensure it is handled "promptly and appropriately";

  • - Standardise procedure for dealing with investigations.


Making his 11 recommendations Prof Drew noted that the force had made "determined progress since 2013" for which it deserved "considerable credit".

He said: "In the main, the task for the police now is to maintain that trajectory of advance, particularly in its attempts to get contact with victims and survivors right first time.

"However, I believe there are some refinements that could be made that would enable the force to build on this improvement."

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