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Rotherham abuse victim 'attacked by own family'

Arshid, Basharat & Bannaras Hussain Image copyright South Yorkshire Police
Image caption Arshid Hussain (left) and Basharat (centre) were found guilty, while Bannaras Hussain (right) admitted 10 offences before the trial started

A victim of one of three brothers who raped and sexually assaulted 15 teenage girls in Rotherham was attacked by her own family when they discovered the abuse, a court has heard.

The details emerged during the sentencing of Arshid, Bannaras and Basharat Hussain at Sheffield Crown Court.

Arshid, 40, and Basharat, 39, were found guilty by a jury of 50 offences.

Bannaras, 36, pleaded guilty to 10 offences before the trial started.

Michelle Colborne QC said Bannaras Hussain met one victim when she was 12 or 13 and she performed sex acts on him.

"He was indifferent to whether she consented or not," she said.

"When her brothers found out, they were furious with her and would physically assault her because she was involved sexually with an Asian man."

'Pack of animals'

She said Bannaras abused one victim in a car park next to Rotherham Police Station, and told the court how the sister of another of his victims described her sister as a "broken human being".

Ms Colborne said one woman had described the Hussain brothers as "a pack of animals".

Summing up the contents of a number of statements from the women abused by the brothers, she said: "They describe from their teenage years a life in the main of feeling dirty, ashamed and guilty.

"Between them, a plethora of emotional conditions - eating disorders, self-harm, agoraphobia, self-loathing and terminations for many of them from the age of 14 - events they have never been able to put behind them."

She said many of the victims have had relationship problems throughout their lives and have found themselves subjected to domestic violence.

Image copyright South Yorkshire Police
Image caption Karen MacGregor and Shelley Davies were convicted of a total of six offences, including false imprisonment
Image copyright South Yorkshire Police
Image caption Qurban Ali was found guilty of conspiracy to rape

Three associates of the Hussain brothers, their uncle Qurban Ali, 53, Karen MacGregor, 58, and Shelley Davies, 40, will also be sentenced.

Ali was found guilty of conspiracy to rape, while MacGregor and Davies were convicted of false imprisonment and conspiracy to procure a woman under 21 to become a common prostitute. MacGregor was also convicted of two counts of conspiracy to rape.

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