Goldthorpe hosts anti-Margaret Thatcher funeral

image captionThe former mining community of Goldthorpe in South Yorkshire is holding a "fake funeral" for former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. Bunting was placed outside the Union Jack Memorial Club along with banners and a homemade effigy.
image captionThe area was badly affected following the 1984 Miners' Strike and the subsequent closure of the pits. The florist who made this wreath was approached anonymously.
image captionA homemade banner decrying Baroness Thatcher was strung from the side of The Rusty Dudley.
image captionHeather Hopwood, landlady of the Rusty Dudley, dressed as a miner for the day.
image captionWooden placards and huge sheets have been used to display messages. Several hundred people are expected to attend the fake funeral in the village.
image captionAn open coffin containing an effigy of the former Tory leader was paraded through Goldthorpe at the start of the mock funeral.
image captionThe parade through Goldthorpe was led by revellers carrying a National Union of Mineworkers banner.
image captionA man at the anti-Margaret Thatcher march dresses as a devil to show his feelings towards the former PM.
image captionHundreds of people gather to see an effigy of Margaret Thatcher set alight on waste ground in Goldthorpe
image captionPeople celebrate as the pyre beneath the effigy of Britain's first female prime minister goes up in flames

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