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Sheffield nightclub criticised over BYOB promotion

A Sheffield nightclub has been criticised by health officials for running a Bring Your Own Bottle night.

The Steelhouse club is thought to be the first in the city to run such an event, which is targeted at students.

Sheffield's director of public health, Dr Jeremy Wight, has described the idea as "absolutely deplorable".

Nick Randle, the nightclub's manager, said the club would have extra staff on duty and would limit the amount of alcohol customers could bring in.

'Excessive staff'

Mr Randle said: "The stewards that are working on the night and the security and all the staff involved will be monitoring the crowd all night long.

"We are talking excessive amounts of staff on this occasion.

"Yes you can bring your own alcohol but you can't bring an entire shops worth - one person can't walk in with four litres of vodka."

Mr Randle said the event was in response to supermarkets and off-licences selling cheap alcohol which he claimed was affecting the club's bar takings.

Dr Wight said he did not think that "it was a very good idea at all."

He said: "It seems to me that it's a cynical way to promote drunkenness amongst young people.

"We know that increasing alcohol consumption in the population at large and [in] young people is a real health problem.

"And this kind of initiative is absolutely deplorable in my opinion."

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