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Ben Needham: Mum's agony as police carry out new search

The mother of missing Ben Needham has said visiting the Greek island where police are searching for the remains of her son was "heart wrenching".

Ben, of Sheffield, went missing during a family visit to the island of Kos in 1991 when he was 21 months old.

British police are helping Greek authorities in a major new search near the family's former farmhouse.

Kerry Needham said she still believed Ben was alive and was determined to find him.

"Coming to the island and knowing experts are looking for my son was heart wrenching," Mrs Needham said.

"I believe my son Ben is alive and out there somewhere but I understand the search has to be done."

She said: "I'm still determined to find my son and I make a plea to anyone who has been watching this interview to come forward and let me know what happened to Ben and end my family's pain and suffering.

"I will never give up the search until I find out what happened to Ben.

Image caption Ben was playing outside the farmhouse when he went missing

"Myself and my family are stronger than ever now and we will do whatever it takes to find Ben and let him know the truth of who is he."

Specialist search dogs and diggers are searching a pile of rubble where he was last seen as a little boy, but so far no significant discoveries have been made.

On Friday, Ben's grandfather Eddie Needham joined the search.

The now overgrown mound is next to the farmhouse which Ben's grandparents were renovating at the time.

Ben was playing outside the property when he disappeared.

One theory is that the toddler could have been accidentally buried beneath building material which had been dumped at the time.

Despite a number of possible sightings, no trace of the boy has been found.

Previous theories on Ben's disappearance have included murder or abduction.

The search is expected to last several days.

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