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Residents' chance to quiz Doncaster mayor

Residents in Doncaster are to be given the chance to quiz the town's mayor before cabinet meetings.

Mayor Peter Davies has decided to allocate 20 minutes before each meeting to answer questions.

Each person will be allowed one question - and that does not need to be submitted beforehand. Elected members of the council cannot submit questions.

Mr Davies said the format would be on trial for a period before being extended or altered.

Although questions do not need to be submitted in advance, if a resident wanted detailed information, for example figures or statistics, Mr Davies said it would be helpful to put the query in writing prior to the meeting.

Mr Davies said: "I am always happy to answer questions from any member of the public and am committed to being open and honest with people.

"Whenever I'm out and about I get stopped and asked questions so I thought it would be good to offer people a regular slot to come and talk to me.

"Having a slot at cabinet meetings means it will be relaxed and without the stringent constraints imposed at full council which stifle discussion.

"If for any reason I can't answer questions at the meeting I will reply in writing as soon as possible after the meeting. I look forward to hearing the questions local people want to ask."

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