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Barnsley Hospital helps fight 'hate crime'

Barnsley Hospital is to become an official reporting centre for "hate crimes".

South Yorkshire Police said victims of hate or prejudice often preferred to report incidents at locations other than police stations.

The police define a hate crime as any incident which is perceived by the victim as being motivated by prejudice.

Staff at the hospital are receiving specialist training to prepare for the role.

Beverley Powell, from the Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, said: "We value and respect the diversity of our staff and patients at the hospital and want to make sure that support systems are in place to report any hate crimes encountered by our staff or any users of our service."

Sgt Janet Pursley, from South Yorkshire Police, is helping train 17 volunteers at the hospital, including clinical and non-clinical staff.

She said: "It is important that South Yorkshire Police take all possible steps to encourage individuals to report instances of hate crime.

"It can manifest itself in many ways, not just a verbal or physical attack on someone."

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