Smoke alarm plea after Sheffield flat fire

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Fire crews have urged people not to disable smoke alarms after two men were rescued from a flat fire in Sheffield.

The men were asleep in the living room of a second-storey flat at Sandon View in Wharncliffe Road, Broomhall, when a pan of oil caught fire on Tuesday.

South Yorkshire fire service was called after thick smoke set off an alarm in a neighbouring flat.

Firefighters woke the men and led them to safety. They later found the flat's smoke alarm covered in cling film.

The fire service said the men, who were treated by paramedics at the scene and did not go to hospital, had been very lucky.

Watch manager Jim Moll said: "This incident demonstrates, once more, the importance of properly maintaining and testing a working smoke alarm.

"By covering up the smoke alarm, this incident could easily have been much worse, potentially resulting in these two young men's deaths."

Mr Moll urged people to test smoke alarms once a week, never cover them or remove the batteries, gently clean them every few months and change the battery once a year.

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