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River Sheppey pollution kills thousands of fish

image copyrightEnvironment Agency
image captionThe Environment Agency said about 3,000 trout and bullheads died as a result of the pollution in the River Sheppey
Thousands of fish have died in a pollution spill in the River Sheppey in Somerset.
A 15km (9.3-mile) stretch of the river near Godney is affected, the Environment Agency said.
The agency is working to boost oxygen levels in the water and is spraying the river with hydrogen peroxide.
Samples from the river have been sent for examination and the cause of the pollution is expected to be known later.
In one section of the river there are "at least 3,000 dead fish" - mainly trout and bullheads - but there are also huge numbers of dead invertebrates and insects, an Environment Agency spokesman said.
image copyrightEnvironment Agency
image captionA floball is being used to churn the water to help get oxygen back into it
image copyrightEnvironment Agency
image captionThe river is being sprayed with hydrogen peroxide to get the oxygen level back up

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