Taunton hosts its first Cricket World Cup match

World Cup Cricket in Taunton
Image caption The town centre was closed off the World Cup

Taunton has been celebrating the arrival of the Cricket World Cup with the first of three matches being played at the county ground.

The town centre was closed for street cricket and TV screens showing the game between Afghanistan and New Zealand.

Director of spectator experience, Paul Smith said: "We really want to show that cricket is an easy sport to play, you can play without loads of kit."

The next matches to be held in Taunton are on 12 and 17 June.

Mr smith added: "We want to get as many people down here as possible and celebrate Taunton as a host town for Cricket World Cup 2019."

Town mayor Fran Smith added: "This is very important for Taunton.

"The amount of people that are here, surely they are going to want to visit the shops, the pubs, the bars, the cafes and everything Taunton can offer."

Image caption The town centre was closed off for free cricket activities
Image caption People could try out their bowling skills
Image caption Hundreds of people could watch the giant TV screens for the Afghanistan v New Zealand match
Image caption The organisers of the world cup want more people to enjoy cricket

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