Highbridge driver swerves in front of diabetic motorist

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Media captionDashcam footage shows driver swerve in front of diabetic motorist

A man swerved his vehicle in front of another car being driven by a motorist who was taken ill at the wheel.

Toby French said he saw the motorist driving erratically in Bridgwater on Sunday afternoon, so intervened in order to stop him.

Nobody was injured and the elderly diabetic driver, who was had had a hypoglycaemic attack, has since fully recovered.

Mr French said it was "quite exciting" and he felt he had done a "good deed".

The 29-year-old, from Highbridge, Somerset, said he noticed the car "swerving across the road and randomly stopping and pulling away" on the A38.

He said he initially suspected the driver was drunk so called 999, and followed him.

"He was getting increasingly dangerous, driving up kerbs, going on the opposite side of the road and randomly stopping in junctions."

'Forced to stop'

Mr French said he then saw a "small older lady" passenger and a mobility scooter in the back of the car, so realised the driver "may be elderly and have a medical issue".

"I made the call handler aware it was an elderly person and I was going to force them to stop, knowing the risks involved.

"When it was safe I pulled round him and we stopped.

"I got out telling him loud and clear to stay where he was, opening his door and removing the key."

He said the man's wife told him her husband was diabetic and he waited with them until police and an ambulance arrived.

Mr French said he had been given "quite a lot of praise" for his actions.

"It was quite exciting but I see it as a good deed rather than heroic."

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