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Dunster 'blue' pavement to be replaced in £100k revamp

image captionThe cobbles were taken out and replaced with paving to make it safer for wheelchairs and prams

Blue-hued paving slabs laid down in a Somerset village are to be removed a cost of up to £100,000 after medieval cobbles were ripped out in a revamp.

Cobbles were removed by Somerset County Council to make West Street in Dunster more accessible for disabled people.

But this caused uproar as the Blue Lias stone paving was seen as too blue, angular, regular and smooth.

Cabinet member David Fothergill said: "I really hope we all agree on what the new scheme looks like."

Somerset County Council has said the work may cost up to £100,000 and the parish council and Dunster Working Group have offered to contribute £5,000 each.

Brecon Grey is the new stone being chosen, which local groups, including the parish council, have said is more in-keeping with the village.

The council has said the new stone is cheaper than the previous choice.

The aim is to get the new paving in place before next year's tourism season begins.

image captionThe council was told the Blue Lias paving slabs were too angular and smooth for Dunster

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