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Clevedon Community Bookshop celebrates first year

image captionThe shop was threatened with closure because its owner was retiring
A bookshop saved from closure by a local co-operative is marking its first year as a community-owned enterprise.
The shop in Copse Road, Clevedon, was threatened with closure because its owner was retiring after 14 years.
The Clevedon Community Bookshop opened on New Year's Eve 2011 after thousands of pounds were raised through shares.
"It's been an incredible first year, far surpassing our original expectations," said Angela Everitt, secretary of the co-operative.
The Co-operative Group has committed a further £4m between 2013-15 to develop its Enterprise Hub service.
It provides free training and advice to help member-owned enterprises get off the ground or grow.
Since its launch in 2009 it has helped 1,000 enterprises.
"We are witnessing more and more communities, driven by needs other than to maximise profit, turning to co-operatively owned solutions for the running of businesses and services," said Michael Fairclough, from The Co-operative.

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