Somerset street lamp plan 'could save council £120,000'


A switch-off of some of Somerset's street lights could save more than £120,000 in electricity costs over three years, the council has said.

At present the county council runs 45,000 lights and so far 14 parish councils have expressed an interest in taking part in the switch-off.

A council spokesman said some lamps would be removed with others dimmed or switched off between 00:01 and 05:30.

It also plans to use LED lamps which have lower running costs.

'Worthwhile exercise'

The funding for the three year project has been provided by the Regional Improvement and Efficiency Partnership (£500,000), Somerset County Council (£200,000) and £75,000 from government.

"The advances in lighting technology and the funding available are making this a worthwhile exercise in improving Somerset's night skies and reducing the council's energy costs," the council spokesman said.

"There will be consultation everywhere it is proposed to turn off streetlamps.

"For safety, no A or B class roads will have lamps switched off during the darkest hours although eight stretches have been selected for dimming to half the usual brightness," he added.

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