Greyhound charity's re-homing campaign 'a success'

image captionA spokesman said the kennels was still full of greyhounds despite the appeal's success

A Somerset greyhound rescue charity has said a campaign for more people to re-home the dogs has been a huge success.

Greyhound Rescue West of England (GRWE) in Radstock launched an appeal in November after a rise in the number of animals having to be put down.

Spokesman Stuart Parslow said they have had a "quick run" of re-homing in the last few weeks.

But he said the underlying problem was unchanged, and the kennels were still always full.

"The effect immediately after the appeal was quite distinct and we had a very quick run of homing following the TV coverage," he said.

Mr Parslow said there was still a "huge demand" for charities to pick up unwanted dogs in the UK.

"We've always got a kennel full of dogs, but before the appeal we had a kennel full of dogs that I knew very well because they had been here so long," he said.

"Since the appeal, turnover has increased so much that I couldn't tell you the names of all the dogs we now have in kennels.

"My personal quest is to make people who are thinking about taking on a dog to at least consider homing an ex-racing greyhound from us before they make their final decision.

"Greyhounds make fantastic pets."

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