Metal detectorist's Bronze Age find on display for first time

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Gold Bulla
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The pendant was discovered on farmland in Shropshire

A gold Bronze Age pendant, described as one of the most important finds of the last 100 years, has gone on display for the first time.

It was discovered on farmland in Shropshire by metal detectorist Bob Greenaway in May 2018.

"I knew it was something special, but I didn't know it was going to be as special as it was," he said.

Mr Greenaway said he loved history since he was at school and began metal detecting nearly 25 years ago.

He said he had already made a "good selection of bronze age finds" before discovering the pendant.

"On this particular day, I just looked up and saw this raised area of the field and I thought I'll give that a go and then within an hour I'd discovered the sun pendant," he said.

The find has gone on display at the Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery, where it will stay until 12 December, before being moved to the British Museum.

Mr Greenaway said he found the pendant buried about eight inches (20 cm) under the soil.

Image caption,
Bob Greenaway began metal detecting nearly 25 years ago

"I held it in my hand and looked at it and thought 'it's perfect', and I was reluctant to turn it over.

"I thought it would have a big scrape across it, or a hole or something and I paused and then I turned it over and the other side was better.

"They'll still be talking about it in 1,000 years when I'm long gone."

Jill Cook, head of the department of Britain, Europe and pre-history at the British Museum, said it was the "most wonderful thing" found in Britain since she started working for the museum in 1986.

She said it was "one of the most important finds of the last 100 years".

They were able to carry out follow-up excavations at the site following Mr Greenaway's find.

Ms Cook said in February 2022 the pendant would become "a big star" of its Stonehenge exhibition.

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