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Shropshire hunt hound hit by train near Stretton Heath

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image captionUp to 15 hunting hounds were seen on the track near the Stretton Heath crossing in Shropshire

A hunting hound was killed by a train when up to 15 of the dogs strayed onto railway tracks.

The animals, from the South Shropshire Hunt, were seen on tracks near the Stretton Heath crossing in Shropshire at about 13:40 GMT on Saturday.

A Transport for Wales (TfW) train driver had to apply the emergency brake after seeing 10-15 dogs on the track.

The South Shropshire Hunt confirmed one of its hounds had died during a trail hunt.

A spokeswoman said it was "an incredibly distressing incident" but there had been no other injuries and the hounds were the group's "priority".

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image captionThe animals were seen on the tracks near the Stretton Heath crossing

The Birmingham International to Aberystwyth train was travelling at around 70mph when the driver spotted the dogs.

TfW said the driver was "understandably very shaken" but managed to continue without significant delay.

It said his "quick reactions" meant it was not more serious.

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British Transport Police said its officers were called to reports of dogs on a section of railway near where Yockleton Road meets the B4386 in Shrewsbury and removed the animals from the track.

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