Earthquake tremors felt in Shropshire

An earthquake has been felt in parts of Shropshire.

The small tremors were felt around Ludlow and Church Stretton at about 13:16 BST. Nobody is thought to have been injured.

The British Geological Society said it had a magnitude of 2.5 and occurred at a depth of 14km (nine miles).

Andrew Noakes in Clee St Margaret, said the tremor "sounded like something being dragged on outside on the pathway, or like a truck going past".

He added: "I was having lunch when I thought I heard something. The sound only went on for a few seconds and then it stopped.

"There was no shaking cutlery or furniture."

David Wright said he heard the tremors while working in Church Stretton, adding that it "sounded like a lorry pulling away quickly from the traffic lights".

He said: "There was a strange feeling as birds actually stopped singing for a while.

"I used to work with the British Geological Survey and I know that Church Stretton is slap bang on a known fault line.

"South Shropshire is comparatively high up the list of earthquake zones in the UK."

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