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Blind dog Lily and faithful chum Maddison seek new home

image captionThe two Great Danes curl up to sleep together and rarely leave each other's side, the Dogs Trust said

A blind Great Dane and her faithful guide dog are looking for a new home.

The pair were left with Shrewsbury Dogs Trust for rehoming in July when their owners could no longer cope with two Great Danes, the trust said.

Lily had a condition that caused her eyelashes to grow into her eye balls and she had to have both eyes removed.

The trust said she and Maddison were inseparable but prospective owners had been put off by Lily's appearance or did not have space to take both dogs.

'Gentle giants'

At six, Maddison is the older of the two, by about a year, and the trust described them as "big, gentle giants," who loved being stroked and being around people.

They were raised together and became inseparable when Lily's eyes were removed at 18 months due to a condition called entropion, Kerrie Ridgway from the Dogs Trust said.

Miss Ridgway added: "With Maddison's help Lily leads a full, active life. She runs around with Maddison and comes when she is called or whistled.

"Occasionally she bumps into things if she is in an unfamiliar place, but if she was in her own home she would soon learn where everything was.

'Very happy life'

"She walks around so confidently, from a distance you wouldn't know she was blind."

The trust has had some inquiries from prospective families but only to take one of the dogs. It said ideally the dogs required a home where they could be the only pets as Lily might feel anxious around other animals.

Miss Ridgeway said Maddison rarely left Lily's side and they appeared to sense each other's presence and be able to silently communicate.

Trust manager Louise Campbell said: "It's very sad as members of the public walk straight by their kennel, often put off by the idea of having two large dogs and of course one without eyes can be a bit shocking.

"I'm appealing to anyone with a big heart and a big home to adopt this loveable and inseparable pair.

"They will need lots of space and lots of exercise, but considering Lily's disability they lead a very happy and healthy life together."

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