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Oxford car ban plan decision delayed until new year

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image captionBus gates are part of measures to reduce traffic jams

Plans to ban cars from parts of Oxford city centre have been delayed until next year.

Oxfordshire County Council and Oxford City Council wanted to install bus gates in Hythe Bridge Street or Worcester Street and in St Cross Road or South Parks Road this month.

It was hoped the measures would keep traffic levels lower following the coronavirus lockdown.

A decision will now be made by the county council in January 2021.

It received more than 7,000 responses from residents and businesses about the bus gate plans, which form part of wider measures to curb congestion around Oxfordshire.

The city council said 50% of respondents described the bus gates as "a good idea generally", while 46% said the proposals were "a bad idea generally".

Councillor Tom Hayes said the city council would be "very disappointed by any u-turning" on the bus gates.

The Labour deputy leader said: "We strongly support the principle of the city centre bus gates to achieve cleaner air and less congestion, space for cycling and a stronger economy."

The Conservative-led county council refused to comment on the delay and said the cabinet would discuss the future of the bus gates on 13 October.

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