'Curious' cow gets head stuck in tree in Oxford

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Media captionThe cow's blushes were at least not visible during its ordeal

A cat stuck up a tree is a standard mercy mission for firefighters, but crews in Oxford ended up going to the rescue of a cow stuck in one.

Mark Merrony said he noticed several fire engines turn up to the field in Water Eaton and decided to investigate.

"It was with its head stuck in the tree, poor thing. I think they are quite curious creatures," he said. "Curiosity nearly killed the cow."

He said crews appeared to "lubricate" the cow's neck before pulling it free.

Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue service said officers waited for a vet to arrive before they pulled the animal free with straps. It was trapped for about an hour before it was heaved out of the tree at about midday.

"You have got to take your hat off to the fire service, they are just brilliant," Dr Merrony said.

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