Bicester printing factory forklift driver 'crushed to death'

Image caption The accident happened at Wyndeham printing factory in Bicester

A forklift driver was crushed to death whilst working at a printing factory, an inquest has heard.

Wayne Riggall had been sent to collect large paper reels from a warehouse at Wyndeham printing factory in Bicester, Oxfordshire, on 23 July last year.

But when a colleague checked on the 42-year-old a few minutes later, he was pinned underneath the forklift's cabin with a number of reels on the floor.

Oxford Coroner's Court heard he died of trauma consistent with crush injuries.

Mr Riggall, from Banbury, had been working at the warehouse - which has since been renamed Walstead - since 2015 and drove a forklift fitted with clamps to pick up reels of paper.

Image caption The printing factory has now been renamed Walstead

A statement heard at the inquest from Gary Nelson, the colleague who found Mr Riggall, said: "When I looked around the corner I saw the clamp on its side.

"The wheels were not turning but the clamp was still running… I have never seen anything like it before.

"He looked peaceful and was not moving or making any noise."

His statement added: "The only thing I can think of is that he had been leaning out of the cab and it toppled over."

Also giving evidence, paper logistics manager Kevin Bagley, said he would always challenge colleagues if he saw them not wearing a seat belt.

He said the forklifts could lift a maximum of three tonnes and the total weight of the two paper rolls would have been just below that.

He speculated Mr Riggall might have accidentally dragged out a third paper reel while he was looking behind him to drive backwards - causing the stack to fall back on top of him.

The inquest continues.

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