Woman killed cheating ex-boyfriend's fish with bleach

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Serena Reynoldson said "die, die, die" as she poured in the bleach

A "jealous" woman who poured bleach into a fish tank, killing her ex-boyfriend's tropical fish has been given a suspended sentence.

Serena Reynoldson, 35, filmed herself pouring the liquid into the tank while saying "die, die, and die".

She sent Jonathan Fitzpatrick the recording after he cheated on her, Oxford Magistrates' Court heard.

In addition to an 18-week suspended sentence she was fined £415 and disqualified from keeping fish.

In a prosecution case brought by the RSPCA, the court heard how Reynoldson sent a number of texts to Mr Fitzpatrick on 9 January.

The first read: "If I can't have a life, job, career, self-worth and value, hobbies and a life then you won't get yours.

"I'm sorry but I am, as we speak, killing the fish."

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Reynoldson admitted causing unnecessary suffering to the fish

Shortly after she sent another text which said: "If you think we are going into another year where you get all you want and I don't then the fish, snake and cat are going.

"You can have it all but I want the same, and if I don't get it rat poison for all."

She then sent videos of her pouring the bleach at her home in Ducklington, near Witney, Oxfordshire.

At least 30 fish were killed.

Charlotte Moss, defending, said Mr Fitzpatrick had been unfaithful during their relationship, and there was an element of jealousy.

She said: "It was something that happened out of anger and frustration. She deeply regrets her actions and she has taken steps to address her emotional stability."

The cat and snake were not harmed.

Reynoldson admitted one count of causing unnecessary suffering to protected animals at a previous hearing.

She was also ordered to undergo 15 days of rehabilitation.

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