Acrobat's 1,000ft tightrope walk over Blenheim Palace lake

Image source, Blenheim Palace
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Christopher Bullzini defied gravity as he crossed the lake on a single wire

An acrobat has recreated a historical high wire walk suspended 30m (98ft) above Queen Lake at Blenheim Palace.

Funambulist Christopher Bullzini said it was an honour to re-enact 19th Century daredevil Carlos Trower's feat.

Trower, known as the African Blondin, amazed crowds of widows and orphans from the estate when he completed the 320m (1050ft) crossing in 1886.

Tightrope walker Trower joined a British circus after escaping slavery in the US at the age of 11.

The legendary ropewalker's life story was narrated to onlookers as Bullzini crossed the lake, which was designed by Lancelot 'Capability' Brown in the 18th Century.

Image source, Blenheim Palace
Image caption,
The 320m (1050ft) crossing is one of the longest undertaken in the UK

Bullzini said: "It's an amazing location and such an honour to be able to perform in front of the house, it's so magnificent.

"I've always been fascinated by the funambulists of the days of old and particularly a gentleman called Carlos Trower.

"Whilst he was walking over the heads of the crowds, you would have seen him performing tricks like I've done over the lake - standing on his head, hanging by his toes - he also walked in shackles and blindfolded, which I'd really like to do when my training gets there."

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