Dundee boy's balloon flies 370 miles to Banbury

Lucas Muir's balloon Image copyright Bryan Tomlin
Image caption Bryan Tomlin found the balloon released a week earlier by Lucas Muir

A boy's balloon released in Dundee as part of a telescope experiment has been found 370 miles (595km) away.

Lucas Muir, aged four, had signed the McDonald's-branded balloon with his name, age and hometown.

A week later it was found in Banbury, north Oxfordshire. It is now being sent back to Lucas.

Bryan Tomlin, who found the balloon on Sunday morning, put a picture of it on Facebook which was shared 6,000 times.

Mr Tomlin said: "I noticed the writing on there with the little kid's name on it and thought I'll put it on Facebook as it would be nice to see if we could reunite him with it.

"I did that and it absolutely snowballed from there, it went absolutely mad".

Image copyright Andy Muir
Image caption Lucas Muir released the McDonald's balloon to see if he could see it with his telescope

Lucas released the balloon to see if he could see it with his telescope

His father Andy Muir said: "I saw the picture on Facebook and there was Lucas' name, his age and his hometown.

"He's only four years old so he doesn't realise what an impact it has had."

Image caption The balloon travelled 370 miles from Dundee in Scotland, to Banbury near Oxford

He added that he was amazed the McDonald's balloon had travelled so far.

He said: "It's quite a thing for their balloon to be a world traveller."

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