Five things from BBC Oxford

It's been another week where Oxfordshire has been bursting with interesting news stories. In case you missed any, here's five of our favourites.

1. We solved the Kidlington mystery!

Sightseers in people's front gardens Image copyright Janis Harwood
Image caption Samantha Anderson said the sightseers were seen in people's front gardens

Residents were baffled by coaches of sightseers arriving in Kidlington this summer. They posed for photos in front gardens, against parked cars and even bounced on a trampoline in one resident's front garden.

The world's press descended on the village to find out what was going on, but tracking down the tourists was akin to getting a sighting of Bigfoot.

Photographers lie in wait for tourists in Kidlington
Image caption The world's press descended on Kidlington hoping the tourists would return

It was after the BBC handed out Mandarin question sheets to residents that we stumbled upon the truth.

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Media captionSolving the Kidlington tourist mystery

"The environment makes you feel you are closer to the simplicity of your original self," one tour guide said.

So that clears that up then.

2. School gets its own T-Rex

T-Rex skull Image copyright CRANFORD HOUSE SCHOOL
Image caption The size of the skull was 'phenomenal', the head teacher said

Children at Cranford House in Moulsford welcomed a new addition to class this week after a model of one of the world's best-preserved Tyrannosaurus rex skulls was donated to them.

Head teacher James Raymond said the size of the skull was "phenomenal" and that it had been kept secret until the unveiling.

3. What lies beneath?

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Media captionA tunnel system lies underneath Oxford

Archaeologists working on a building site in central Oxford have made finds that shed light on the city's history.

BBC South Today reporter Jeremy Stern has been finding out about the "massive tunnel system" hidden beneath the streets.

4. The Lion, The Witch, and the Petition

The reserve
Image caption CS Lewis enjoyed wandering the reserve while writing his Narnia series

Plans for a development near a nature reserve that inspired The Chronicles of Narnia have been opposed by residents.

The CS Lewis Nature Reserve in Risinghurst, Oxford, was once part of the back garden of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe author.

5. Spitfire woman remembered

Image caption Molly Rose flew for the Air Transport Auxiliary during World War Two

An amazing woman was remembered this week, as a thanksgiving service was held for Molly Rose, a member of the Air Transport Auxiliary during World War Two who delivered 486 aircraft during her time there.

"She did love it, there is no doubt, and she did it very well," her son Graham said. "She only crash-landed once."

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