Llamas 'peering into windows' after Oxfordshire farm escape

The llamas Image copyright Earth Trust
Image caption The llamas have been spotted staring through people's windows

If you happen to look up from breakfast one morning and see a llama peering in the window, don't worry - it's just checking its reflection.

The mother and two children have been spotted in front gardens since they escaped from a farm in Oxfordshire on Sunday.

Owner Steve Castle said Patches, Star and Tri are not aggressive, but is concerned for their welfare.

The animals made their bid for freedom from Home Farm in Long Wittenham.

Residents have since reported llamas peeking into their homes but Mr Castle said the curious creatures have a habit of using windows as makeshift mirrors.

'Fond of people'

"If they get bored they just go for a wander. And they like looking at themselves so people with big windows might see them looking at their reflections.

"People think they're dreaming when they see them."

The llama family has been clocked in residential areas of Saxons Heath and on the main road from Didcot to Clifton Hampden.

Image copyright Joe Nimmo

They were also discovered in a field at the nearby Earth Trust, but jumped over a fence before they could be returned home.

Mr Castle said they were particularly jumpy as they were previously owned by travellers who used them to train lurchers to hunt deer.

He added: "If a dog chases them obviously they run. That's how all this started, they ran away from a dog walker after they escaped.

"But they're not dangerous, they are very fond of people."

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