Brad Pitt Fury gunfire warning for Oxfordshire villagers

Brad Pitt
Image caption Brad Pitt plays an army sergeant called Wardaddy

Residents in Oxfordshire villages have been warned to expect "intermittent controlled gunfire and explosives" during the making of a Brad Pitt film.

Shooting of the World War II action movie Fury involves several tanks, tents and extras on private land around Shirburn until 15 November.

Location manager Lee Robertson described it as a "great location".

Shirburn resident Sue Ford said: "I've heard gunfire which is quite startling. Very frightening."

"The tanks are incredibly noisy," she added.

But Kim Emerson said villagers were taking it in their stride.

"We're kind of lucky enough that we live in a semi-film set.

"There's always something going on whether it's Midsomers… Sherlock Holmes… so we're kind of getting pretty used to it now."

Enemy lines

Image caption The film set is on private land around Shirburn

The letter was sent to households in Shirburn, Pyrton and Watlington.

Mr Robertson, on behalf of Pinewood Studios, wrote: "There will be intermittent controlled gunfire and explosives throughout our filming.

"We would like to thank you in advance for putting up with us and making it possible to film at such a great location."

Fury also stars Shia LaBeouf and Logan Lerman and is directed by David Ayer.

Pitt stars as battle-hardened army Sgt Wardaddy, who commands a Sherman tank and its crew on a mission behind the enemy lines of Nazi Germany.

The film is expected to be released in November 2014.

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