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Oxford rape and trafficking: Who were the abusers?

image captionMen would be invited to properties and pay £50 to abuse the girls

They ran it like an organised business. Men who made money from abusing young girls while satisfying their own sexual gratification.

In their police interviews, they said little or nothing - even when pressed.

But despite their silence, officers pieced together a harrowing picture of disturbing abuse, which was presented to the jury at the Old Bailey.

Young girls were groomed, raped, abused and sold for sex by the gang of Oxford men, who have now been convicted of a catalogue of sex offences.

Det Insp Simon Morton, of Thames Valley Police, said: "They start out at 11 or 12 as ordinary girls, in our case, and by the time they're finished they're hollow.

"They are shells of what they should be and the little girl in there is gone.

"It's sexual atrocities, it's torture.

"You can't report it, you can't put it on TV, you can't write it down. We have had members of the press in tears in court.

"It's been horrendous."

So who were the men who subjected these girls to such violent abuse - and who were the ringleaders?

Mohammed and Bassam Karrar: Brothers who ran prostitution ring

image captionBassam (left) and Mohammed Karrar prostituted and raped girls in partnership

Mohammed Karrar was the most prolific offender in the case.

The 38-year-old's family is thought to originate from Eritrea, in East Africa, but he grew up in his parents' house on the Cowley Road.

He organised sex parties where he prostituted and raped girls in partnership with his younger brother Bassam, 33, a married father who worked as a security guard and also lived in Oxford.

Mohammed was also married, having met and married his wife in Morocco and brought her to the UK approximately a decade ago.

With no job, he would spend his days with her at his parents house in Cowley and nights with his mistress in Marston - when he was not carrying out horrific acts of abuse.

In 2005, he had two children by the two different women, born less than two weeks apart. By the time he was arrested, he was a father of four.

The brothers separately and together subjected victims three and four to a string of violent and sadistic rapes, often leaving them injured.

After grooming them for about a year, they took them to other places around the county to be sold and raped in hotels and "brothels for young girls".

Other men paid them to play out sadistic sexual fantasies and gang rape victim four.

Mohammed Karrar forced victim four to have an illegal backroom abortion when she became pregnant. She was 12 years old.

He was friends with the Dogar brothers.

Akhtar 'Spider' and Anjum 'Jami' Dogar: Brothers and ringleaders

image captionBrothers Akhtar (left) and Anjum Dogar were the ringleaders and "ruled the Cowley Road area"

The Dogar brothers were well-known faces in the east Oxford community.

Thirty-two-year-old Akhtar, or "Spider" as he was known, "ruled the Cowley Road", according to one of his victims. He would hang around there drinking and chatting to girls when not working as a hospital porter.

His younger brother Anjum, or "Jami", 31, was unemployed.

The Dogar brothers were ringleaders of the grooming gang and the other men were scared of them, according to the victims.

They were instrumental in planning the girls' prostitution and abuse together with Kamar Jamil.

The Dogars abused victims one, two and three over four years.

'Charged for rape'

For up to a year they would groom their victims, give them alcohol and drugs and buy them presents to "make them feel special".

But once they had gained their trust, the abuse would start.

They took the girls out in cars and to hotels, guesthouses, empty houses, parks and woods where they raped them and charged other men to do the same.

Men would even be invited from Bradford, Leeds, Slough and other parts of the country to come to Oxford - and charged to take their turn to rape the girls.

Sarah Lazenby, who lives on same street as the Dogars, said she was surprised to learn of the actions of two men from a family she still supports.

She said: "I was shocked when these two young men from our street were arrested.

"We saw all the police activity then it came out in the news. I would never have guessed they would be involved in something like this."

Kamar 'K-dog' Jamil: Recognised by his gold tooth

image captionKamar Jamil had three children at the time of his arrest

The Dogars grew up on the same street as Kamar Jamil.

Nicknamed "K-Dog" after a wrestler, Jamil went to Cheney School before studying computing at college.

He had a string of jobs, working in a warehouse and as a car salesman.

Identified by his victims thanks to his gold tooth, he married his British girlfriend in an Islamic ceremony after she had his child.

By the time of his arrest, the 27-year-old had three children and was working as a supermarket security guard.

Jamil operated in partnership with the Dogars, with whom he abused and prostituted victims one and two.

He also knew the Karrar brothers and had previously worked with Assad Hussain.

Assad 'Ash' Hussain and Zeeshan Ahmed

image captionAssad Hussain (left) and Zeeshan Ahmed

Assad Hussain, 32, is a former taxi driver who at the time of the offences was working at the BMW plant in Cowley and at Dominoes Pizza on the Cowley Road.

Known as "Ash" or "Abi", he raped and abused victim one and five while she was being "controlled" by the Dogars.

He would finish at about 10pm and then head to the Cowley Road, where he would meet up with friends to eat and drink.

Zeeshan Ahmed, 27, lived above a grocer's shop on the Cowley Road.

He was convicted of sexually abusing victim five at his flat.

Zeeshan Ahmed was also the only of the men who was accused and found guilty of abusing victim six.