Activity website iCAN experiences aimed at the disabled

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Media captionPaul Nicol hopes to inspire people with disabilities that anything is possible.

A blind man from Oxfordshire has set up a business advising people with disabilities how to take part in extreme activities.

Paul Nicol, 34, from Banbury, was diagnosed with a degenerative eye disease at 14 and was blind by 23.

He said his own condition was the spur to set up his website called iCAN Experiences.

He added: "It's about proving to myself that I can still do it and that's really what's driven me."

The entrepreneur has been involved in a number of difficult sports and adventures including climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, bungee jumping and tandem skydiving.

'Long way'

He said: "There are plenty of activity and experience providers out there but as a disabled person it's very difficult to identify what activities might be suitable and what the accessibility of the venue is like."

His own website lists suitable activities depending on a person's level of disability and provides information about how accessible the experiences are.

He said recent legislation had made it easier for disabled people to get involved in extreme sports but there was still a long way to go.

"Even today some shops are not accessible to people with disabilities," he added.

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