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New Oxford yellow line markings to be removed


New yellow lanes across road junctions in Oxford are to be removed.

Existing yellow lines across road junctions in Oxford had been re-marked to run across junctions instead of following kerb lines.

Oxfordshire County Council said the lines had been put in place to slow down drivers and discourage rat runs.

But "concerns raised by the public" meant they would now be removed and the county council apologised for causing confusion.


The county council's cabinet member for transport, Rodney Rose, said: "The aim was to benefit pedestrians, cyclists and residents alike by emphasising the residential nature of the side roads, encouraging drivers to slow down and discouraging rat-runners.

"But given the confusion this has obviously caused, we feel removing the lines is the only reasonable course of action.

"We would also like to say sorry for causing this confusion and can only reiterate that the initial work was carried out with the best of intentions."

Councillor Ruth Wilkinson had said the yellow lines across road junctions in the city were "an accident waiting to happen".

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