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New Oxford road markings cause concern

image captionCouncillor Ruth Wilkinson said motorists did not know what the lines meant

New yellow lines across road junctions in Oxford are "an accident waiting to happen", according to a city councillor.

Some existing yellow lines have been remarked so they run across junctions instead of following kerb lines.

Councillor Ruth Wilkinson said it created ambiguity and confusion which would be worrying for motorists.

A county council spokesman said the aim was to make roads less likely to be used as rat runs.

He added the lines would make the junction look "more residential and deter drivers who are less familiar with the area".

Ms Wilkinson also voiced concern over a chicane-like junction on Lime Walk in Headington.

She said it forced drivers onto the right side of the road as they passed through, which led to stand-offs with drivers approaching from the other direction.

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