Oxford Bus Company sorry for smart card ticket problem

Oxford Bus Company has apologised to customers after a pre-payment "key" card system was beset with problems.

The firm upgraded its smart card equipment at the end of October and sent replacement cards to customers.

When the system launched many passengers had not received the new cards and many others failed to work.

Managing director Philip Kirk said the majority of problems had been solved within four weeks of the launch but it had been a "very unfortunate time".

He said: "After four weeks we were at the stage where we really should have been on day one and since then we have been working steadily through the remaining, more minor, issues.

"It's been a very unfortunate time and I would like to apologise sincerely for any inconvenience encountered as a result of the problems we faced."

The bus firm said, although it hired a company to send out the new "key" cards, many failed to arrive.

Of the cards that did arrive, many did not work or were loaded with the wrong type of information such as a child ticket for an adult.

The firm also said many of the card readers on its buses were either too sensitive or not sensitive enough.

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