New food waste collections begin in West Oxfordshire

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Residents have been supplied with food waste kitchen caddy and an outside bin

West Oxfordshire's food waste is being recycled for the first time.

It will go to a special plant near Cassington and be used to generate electricity and make fertiliser.

The council hopes to double its recycling rate, which currently falls short of the 40% required under a county-wide scheme.

Food makes up 22% of overall collected waste and recycling it could save more than £2m in landfill taxes and fines, according to the recycling contractor.

Councillor David Harvey said: "Recycling food waste will be simple to do and collections are weekly because we know that this is important."

Annual savings

West Oxfordshire District Council expects to send 4,500 tonnes for recycling each year.

The council is investing over £1m to implement the new service and has given contractor May Gurney a seven-year contract to run it.

The council expects the contract to give additional annual savings of more than £500,000 on operational costs.

Residents have been given food waste bins to collect their scraps and put them out for collection.

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