Living Longer: Oxford has highest 50+ employment rate

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The University of Oxford employs more than 8,500 people in the city

Oxford has the highest employment rate for adults over the age of 50 in the whole of England, research commissioned by the BBC has found.

It found that 62.4% of this age group were employed. The figure for the whole of Oxfordshire was 47.4%.

At the bottom of the list was Boston, Lincolnshire, where only 26.5% of the over 50s were employed.

The research by Experian looks at how areas of England will be affected by an increasing ageing population.

Academic sector

It found that Oxford also has one of the smallest concentrations of over 50s - they make up only 23.4% of its population.

At the top of that list was west Somerset, where 52.8% of people are aged over 50.

The overall figure for the county of Oxfordshire was 33.1%.

Rachelle Kennedy, spokeswoman for Age UK Oxfordshire, said: "It is very positive to know that Oxford has the highest employment rate for adults over the age of 50.

"We do not have evidence of why this could be the case, but our understanding is that the wide academic sector and businesses using high knowledge levels in Oxford heavily contributes towards employment of this age group.

"But in the midst of these great results, we must remember to note the differences there are still in disparity of life expectancy and money around Oxford."

Angelika Kaiser, from the Oxford Institute of Ageing, said: "One of the primary reasons that Oxford has a much higher incidence of employees over the age of 50 is that there are a larger than average number of jobs in the service sector, with more than 40% of all employee jobs in the public administration, education or health sectors.

"At a conservative estimate, over 18,000 jobs are supported directly or indirectly by the University of Oxford, the colleges, the Oxford University Press and university spin-out companies.

"The University of Oxford, the second largest employee in Oxford, employees over 8,500 people."

"All in all, due to an overall strong economy and increased labour demand, there are approximately 117,000 employed workers in Oxford, a city of 151,000."

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