Nottingham badge scheme to help disabled passengers

Happy to move for you badge Image copyright Nottingham City Council
Image caption The badges are being offered to bus and tram users in Nottingham

Bus and tram users in a city will be offered "happy to move for you" badges to let disabled people know they can request their seat.

"Please offer me a seat" badges will also be offered to disabled people in Nottingham from 3 December.

The move has been welcomed by disability campaigners who said it would help, but added it was "sad" the initiative was needed.

One disabled tram user labelled the scheme "unnecessary".

The badge campaign is part of Nottingham City Council's disability history month.

A council spokeswoman said disabled people, especially those with invisible disabilities, had reported receiving very negative responses when they asked people on public transport to give up their seats.

Image caption Tram user Julie Dobko, who uses a walking stick, said the badge scheme was "unnecessary"

Tram user Julie Dobko, who has osteoporosis, said although she thought it was a good idea, she was not sure about wearing a badge.

The 53-year-old care worker, who uses a walking stick, said: "Generally people are considerate, often people move without me asking for it.

"The idea is great in principle but I think the badges are not the right way to do it."

Imogen Arrowsmith, 22, said: "I don't really think it's necessary because if there was a disabled person I would move."

Image caption Steven Barker believes the scheme could help less confident disabled people requiring a seat

Bus user Steven Barker said badges would help disabled people who were less confident.

"I would wear one. Some people might not be confident to approach individuals to ask for their seat," he said.

"I quite happily give up my seat. It's just something that been instilled in me forever - is it a generation thing?"

Image caption Keith Stevens says he still moves for people who need a seat

Keith Stevens, 67, said: "I'm of an age where I'm able to claim an old age pension but I still get up for people."

Disability Support Nottingham chief executive, Charlotte Throssel said it was "sad" in 2019 that the scheme was necessary.

"Whatever makes it easier for disabled people, we will support," she said.

The badges will be available from Market Square in Nottingham, or the NCT Travel Centre, NET Travel Centre and Victoria Bus Station.

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