Rugby World Cup 2019 final: Result decides son's loyalty

Image source, Kris Van Wellen
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Kris Van Wellen said he dressed Finley in the full Springboks kit at the end of the game

A couple have let the result of the Rugby World Cup final decide who their baby will grow up supporting.

South African Kris Van Wellen is a Springboks fan, while his wife Mel is a die-hard England supporter.

Before South Africa's victory, the couple, from Annesley in Nottinghamshire, decided son Finley would be raised a fan of whoever won.

Mr Van Wellen confirmed that 11-month-old Finley was dressed in the full Springboks' kit once the game ended.

Image source, Kris Van Wellen
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Kris Van Wellen is a Springboks fan while his wife Mel is an England supporter

Mr Van Wellen, 32, said: "There's been tears, there's been screaming. I was so worried but it was phenomenal.

"[Mel] will take the result better than I would, but she's not happy."

Before the World Cup, they decided to end the debate over who Finley would support by making a pact that it would be whoever makes it further.

Mr Van Wellen said there was not a "great deal of conversation" at the end of the match, which finished 12-32 to South Africa, and he decided to go out and give Mrs Van Wellen "some space".

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Finley owns a baby-size kit from both sides of the divide and wore them during the match

Ahead of the game, Mrs Van Wellen said their son's rugby loyalty had been the focus of a debate the whole family had become involved in.

"My mum argues he's English because he has a British passport - so there's a lot riding on this."

Mrs Van Wellen had said if England did lose, "I could handle him being a Springboks fan".

"It would be fine if it did happen. I think it would mean more to Kris if he has to be an England fan."

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England players applaud as South Africa players collect their winners medals

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