Family of couple stranded in Singapore with baby 'overwhelmed'

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Chloe Wilkinson, Patraic Walsh-Kavanagh and their baby LorcanImage source, Caters
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Chloe Wilkinson and Patraic Walsh-Kavanagh were going to tell their parents about baby Lorcan once they arrived home

The family of a man stranded in Singapore with his girlfriend and newborn son say they are "overwhelmed" by the support to bring them home.

Patraic Walsh-Kavanagh's partner Chloe Wilkinson went into labour at 24 weeks pregnant while the pair were travelling back from Australia.

She unexpectedly gave birth to Lorcan - weighing 1.9lb (0.86kg) - while waiting for a connecting flight home.

The family are facing an estimated hospital bill of £140,000.

Mr Walsh-Kavanagh's brother, Colm Walsh-Kavanagh, spoke of the helplessness he felt when he first found out what had happened.

He said: "Once I got the initial call, I was just full of worry and felt helpless.

"Every time we thought of a way to get them home, something would change and we'd be back to square one again."

Image source, Caters
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The couple left the UK in 2017 to travel around Asia before working in Australia

Miss Wilkinson, from Lincoln, was taken to hospital on 19 February while the couple were on a two-night layover in the country.

On 21 February, the couple were told Miss Wilkinson had started dilating at just 24 weeks and flying home was no longer an option.

The couple are currently fundraising for the money needed, and £10,000 has been donated in 24 hours.

They say their travel insurance, which was taken for the duration of their trip before they left the UK, does not cover pregnancy.

Laws in Singapore mean they are unable to seek work to support themselves.

Image source, Caters
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Baby Lorcan remains in intensive care

Mr Walsh-Kavanagh, 22, from Newark, added: "It's been overwhelming, the publicity around it has been amazing.

"We never expected it to be anything like this and we are blown away by the support and how much the story has touched people."

The couple and Lorcan are expected to stay in Singapore for three months until the baby is well enough to travel.

Mr Walsh-Kavanagh said: "At the start of course, they were both worried, sick and stressed, but they've just taken it in their stride.

"The fundraiser has helped a lot though, they're more relaxed and can just focus on spending time with Lorcan."

The family have said they will not fly to Singapore to visit Lorcan, as any money they have will be put towards reaching the fundraising target.

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