'Sneakerheads' camp in Nottingham for Kanye's latest shoe

queue for Kanye West trainers
Image caption The camp outside 18Montrose in Nottingham includes fans from Birmingham and London

Dozens of "sneakerheads" have set up camp outside a shop selling a new limited edition of Kanye West trainers.

The Adidas Yeezy Boost trainers will go on sale on Saturday but some devoted fans have already been queuing in Nottingham for several days.

"This is the only shop in the UK that is doing a camp," said hopeful buyer, 19-year-old Humzah Najib.

The trainers are priced at £150 in the shops but can reach three times that amount in online auctions.

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"As you get close to release time you get a real buzz around and people get real excited," Mr Najib added.

A spokesman for the shop, 18Montrose, said the demand was caused by "the power of the brand".

Those camping out have come armed with sleeping bags, warm clothes and fold-up chairs.

Sneaker power, Kyle Hough, self-confessed sneakerhead

Image copyright Adidas

"Kanye is a giant of popular culture - and he is married to Kim Kardashian - so the hype around his brand is huge.

"But even though people say they they love them, they usually buy them to resell them for a profit.

"The trainers cost £150 but can be resold on the day for up to £500.

"Some of his earlier releases are now worth thousands of pounds.

"And this is a rarity to have an in-store release in a small city - you would expect most of them to be sold online or by lottery."

One man in the queue, Rohan, said: "You also need style if you are an 18-year-old boy - you look at people nowadays and everything is about what you look like."

Another added: "I think there are only about 19,000 pairs released worldwide so obviously everybody is going to try to come and pick up their first pair."

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Kanye West

  • Born in Chicago and raised in Atlanta, Kanye now lives in Los Angeles
  • Married to reality-TV star Kim Kardashian
  • Launched his own clothing line in 2006
  • Released his first Adidas Yeezy Boosts in 2015 - which sold out within 10 minutes

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