Volt in Nottingham probed for turning away black group

Mahalia Hamid and her friends before they went out Image copyright Mahalia Hamid
Image caption Mahalia Hamid, pictured in the middle of the front row on the night in question, believes she was turned away due to her race

Police are investigating a Nottingham nightclub for an alleged hate crime incident after a group of predominantly black people were refused entry.

Mahalia Hamid said she and her friends were told they could not enter Volt as they "did not fit the criteria".

She said she then stood by and watched as groups of white people walked into the club.

In response, Volt told the BBC it had always "welcomed a diverse audience", including people of different races.

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'Not white enough'

"To find me and my friends do not fit the criteria for a night out, we couldn't believe it," said Miss Hamid.

"I felt as if I was not good enough or white enough."

Image copyright Mahalia Hamid
Image caption Mahalia Hamid had hoped to celebrate her 24th birthday at the club

Miss Hamid had hoped to celebrate her 24th birthday at the city centre nightclub on 28 January, and paid £300 to pre-book a VIP table through a promoter.

"We were basically left there without any explanation, apart from we do not fit the criteria of the night," she said.

"Looking at the other guests, looking at ourselves, the only criteria that we didn't fit was our skin colour."

A female member of staff gave the group their £300 back.

Image copyright Sofia Montero
Image caption Nottinghamshire Police said officers were investigating

Volt said: "The lady responsible for these accusations has attended the venue numerous times previously without any issues, and it was only the four males in the group that were refused, due to dress and security concerns."

In response, Ms Hamid said the entire group was refused entry, and they were all "dressed to the nines".

There was no mention of their clothes being a problem on the night, she added, and other customers were allowed in despite wearing T-shirts, caps and trainers.

Nottinghamshire Police said in a comment: "We received a report of a hate incident alleged to have happened at a premises in Broadway, Nottingham, on Saturday 28 January 2017. Our inquiries are ongoing."

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