Mansfield mum's mystery bruises baffle doctors

Adele Uden

A woman with a mystery illness that causes "bruise-like marks" on her face has been told her undiagnosed condition could shorten her life.

Adele Uden, 26, from Mansfield, has suffered from heavy bleeding since her son's birth by emergency Caesarean seven years ago.

The marks appeared on her face about 12 months ago but doctors remain baffled.

Her mother Karen said her daughter's health had worsened and she has had to have several blood transfusions.

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Ms Uden said she began suffering pains not long after she had the emergency Caesarean.

Image copyright Karen Uden
Image caption Adele Uden needed a blood transfusion after she was rushed to hospital last week

She has been diagnosed with endometriosis, polycystic ovaries and pelvic inflammatory disease but none of these explain the severity of her bleeding or the purple patches on her face.

"As far as we're aware, I'm the only one like this that we have found... I need help, I need to be able to find reasons as to why I'm like this," she said.

Despite Ms Uden being seen by specialists and haematologists, the bleeding and facial marks remain a mystery.

The marks on her face do not hurt but she hates leaving the house because of the "way people look at her".

Image copyright karen Uden
Image caption Adele Uden and her partner Chris North have been going through a difficult time

Ms Uden's mother Karen said her daughter - who takes about 250 tablets a week - is "constantly bleeding".

She was rushed to hospital last week, leaving a trail of blood out of her house and dipping "in and out of consciousness".

"It's very serious... if she doesn't get to hospital on time she could bleed out," Mrs Uden said. "We need some answers because at the moment we're shooting in the dark.

"We've nearly lost her. [Adele] has said her goodbyes a number of times."

Image copyright Karen Uden

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