Anger after wheelchair group 'left behind' at airport

Paddy Costello Image copyright Gillian Costello
Image caption Mr Costello, who had a stroke four years ago, was left behind when his flight left for Ireland

The daughter of a disabled man said he was left stranded at an airport after staff "forgot about him".

Gillian Costello said her father Paddy, 62, was left in a wheelchair at the wrong gate at East Midlands Airport and missed his Ryanair flight to Ireland.

She said he and three other disabled passengers "were left sitting at a gate….no-one came and the flight took off without them".

The airport apologised for "an error in communication".

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'Very vulnerable'

An airport spokesman said: "As soon as we were made aware of the situation, we reacted quickly by aiding the passengers in re-booking flights and offering an overnight stay in a premium hotel on site," an airport spokesman said.

"We are working with the handling agent to ensure that this does not happen again in the future."

Mr Costello returned to his home in Ireland on Wednesday, but was tired and and cross after his ordeal, she said.

Ms Costello said her father had run out of high blood pressure medication during the delay.

"My dad had a stroke four years ago and mobilises in a wheelchair so we always book full assistance when he flies over to us," Ms Costello, from Nottingham, said.

Despite the offer of a hotel, Ms Costello's father, who is from County Mayo, wanted to return to her home.

She criticised an overall lack of communication.

"They no longer put calls out for passengers in the airport, I have heard nothing from the airport since it happened," she said.

"They put him in a taxi and he arrived at my home but no-one told us he was coming. Luckily my husband was at home at the time."

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