Nottingham refugee helper Rachel Miller says missions 'too dangerous'

Rachel Miller with refugees in Kos Image copyright Rachel Miller
Image caption Rachel Miller (in blue pictured here in Kos) has travelled to France, Greece and Turkey in her mission to help refugees

A British woman who has spent years helping refugees by taking supplies to Turkey and Greece has said she will stop her mercy missions because they are "too dangerous".

Rachel Miller has paid "brokers" up to £7,500 a time to free sex slaves.

She travelled to parts of southern Turkey this summer that the Foreign Office had declared no-go zones.

But the recent coup attempt in Turkey means she cannot work "under the radar" any longer, she said.

Ms Miller, 40, a mother-of-three from Cinderhill in Nottingham, said her Kurdish husband supported her work but she did not always tell him the full story until after she had returned.

"I don't deal directly with the slavers - but I deal with a broker who has contacted a family that wants to free their child from slavery," she said.

"He says I can get your daughter but it will cost - it can cost up to $10,000."

Wedding gold

Her husband often stays in Britain with their two young children, who are seven and eight years old, while she makes her trips abroad.

She said she would not be returning to Turkey in the near future as "the police presence and road blocks have increased".

"I could feel the tension and I was worried I might be arrested," she explained.

She has raised almost £40,000 in crowd funding to take supplies to the refugees and has travelled to camps in France and to the island of Kos in Greece.

"A lot of people say 'you are funding Isis' but you have to got to remember these are children," she said.

"You can't change the world, but you can change a life."

Ms Miller, who has even sold some of her own gold wedding jewellery to fund freeing the girls, said she would continue working to help refugees and was planning to travel next to northern Iraq.

She is setting up a charity shop called Mesopotamia in a former bank in Nottingham to raise more money.

"You sell what you've got - I've sold at car boots and on eBay and on internet sites and begged and borrowed," she said.

Image copyright Rachel Miller
Image caption Ms Miller travelled to Kos in October 2015 to help in the refugee centres

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